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Inspired Scoop Quotes, Poems and Articles Publication Service

Inspired Scoop Quotes, Poems and Articles Publication Service

We publish only the electronic form of poems, quotes, and articles free of charge on our platforms. We do not pay you to publish your work unless your work is such that can be sold, but we will ensure that your work is popular out there.

 Also, while you maintain the copyright owner of your work, we have the right to share and use it based on our terms and conditions. Read the following guidelines:

1. Quotes publication:

We can only publish your quotes if it is up to 20 quotes, of at least a total of 200 words and originally from you. You can send your quotes in text or as a design. It is free.

2. Poem/Poetry publication:

We publish any poem on our platform free of charge. We can also publish your poem across different websites with full copyright given to you, but with a $50 charge. Meanwhile, if your poetry is a collection that is enough to form a book, we advise that you use our Book Publication Service and merge your poetry work as a one-file manuscript.

3. Articles publication:

We publish articles for free on our platforms. However, if you insist that we publish your articles on other platforms, the charge will depend on the other publishers.

If you want to publish your Quote, Poem, or Article, click the button below to fill out our publication form. Read our Terms and Conditions, and our Privacy Policy before filling out the form.

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