eBook Publication | Inspired Scoop Service

eBook Publishing:

We publish eBooks of all types and genres including poetry.

Our eBook Publication Service  Provision depends on the need us to do for you.

eBook Publication | Inspired Scoop Service

We can publish your books also on other platforms such as Amazon, eBay, etc., and give you full information on follow-up procedures to monitor our sales and distribution.

Our eBook publication is free of charge; however, we will charge you some money only if;

i. You want us to publish your work on other platforms besides our blogs.

ii. You want us to sell your book. (We take 30% of the eBook we sell. This is because most of our marketers are affiliated and have a part in the percentage).

iii. If you need our book editing services such as proofreading, corrections, graphics, cover design, etc.

iv. If you need licenses, copyright, or ISBN.

eBook Publication | Inspired Scoop Service

Do you want to publish your eBook with us or get your book advertised?

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