How to Keep Online Audience Engaged with Your Video Content to Increase Views

How to Keep Your Online Audience Engaged with Video Content and Increase Views

It is much easier to have followers and social media or website audience. However, maintaining the audience and attracting a large number of viewers and engaging followers is another task on its own.

The best way to keep engaging online audience and increasing your video content views on the internet or social media platforms like Facebook, Rumble, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or Vimeo, is by creating videos with your audience in mind while also considering your business goals.

One can make online videos as a hobby or solely to amuse, instruct, or inform others in addition to serving as a commercial promotional option. Meanwhile, several online video hosting services, such as YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok are known to pay creators for their content but based on how many people viewed or interacted on the post.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that, whether a video is being created for marketing purposes or is just meant to generate cash, a video or any other online content or product can only achieve its goals when it draws in a sizable engaged audience.

Engagement is one of the main goals of any online content development and digital marketing plan because the main aim of creating a content is to reach interested individuals. Only people of interest spend time on your content while others swipe their screens to the next post.

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In this blog post, we will explore ways to help you attract more views to your online videos and an army of engaging audience.

Below are the Ways to Increase Your Video Content Viewers and Keep Your Online Audience Engaged

1. Create Good Quality Videos:

Low resolution videos and poor quality are unappealing to viewers. It can make some viewers not to watch your video to the end. High-resolution videos, on the other hand, are more likely to capture the audience's attention and keep them active even if they do not intend to watch the video to the last second.

While making your video quality, avoid creating too large files that consumes data and slows download time as this may affect its optimization.

In the case of dimension, the ideal video for landscape view is 1280 x 720 pixels. Videos at this resolution are referred to as high definition (HD). There are other resolutions too at this quality level which are mostly placed on the ratios of 4:5 or 1.91:1 dimension. HD videos offers the best balance of quality and file size and is compatible with the vast majority of devices and video streaming services, including the social media.

2. Publish Your Video at the Right Place:

Most creators do not know that each online publishing platform has what content it was primarily designed for.

While some websites and social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok are designed for publishing videos, others like Pinterest, Imgur, Snapchat, and Instagram were primarily designed to promote image sharing. Likewise, several socials like LinkedIn, Twitter and many platforms out there are best for sharing texts.

There is no justification for wasting your content on a website unrelated to the subject of your writing. Imagine taking comedy video to LinkedIn? It is not recommended because it is a social platform for professional developments and connections.

3. Release brief, compelling videos rather than lengthy ones with time-wasting breaks:

The internet is full of diverse stuff, so your audience might not always have the patience to hear you out. Therefore, a quick and interesting video clip is more preferable to a long and tedious one.

If your video must be lengthy, it should contain educational material or additional media, such as a movie. Even though it's a movie, it's best to watch it in sections or as a series.

In-post videos that are 30 seconds long generate the highest levels of engagement online, according to marketing studies. Your campaign films should not be more than 60 seconds. 1 minute to 5 minutes clips are recommended for other online videos other than marketing. If you are to exit this range, ensure that it doesn't harm your content distribution and audience engagement.

4. Choose the Right Tags, Captions and Descriptions:

Choosing the appropriate titles, descriptions, captions, and tags for your online video content is one of the best ways to increase its popularity and views.

No matter where you share your video, the captions you write for it can make it stand out or minimize both the viewership and audience engagement.

Make sure your captions are accurate, pertinent, and well-written to make it easy for people to find and interesting to them. The right keywords, tags, and other tools can aid in the discovery of your video and increase its viewership.

You cannot caption a cooking video with a caption that reads, "How to play table tennis". On sites like Twitter, this type of reverse psychological marketing strategy can be effective. For instance, more viewers might see your content if you use trendy hashtags. The drawback in this approach is that such audiences typically don't consist of devoted followers. Therefore, it is best to employ appropriate captions and hashtags in your videos for a sustainable audience engagement.

5. Use subtitles to Support Your Videos:

By improving the video's clarity and intelligibility, subtitling and captioning increases viewer engagement. When viewers are unable to understand your accent, subtitle helps.

The most effective technique to simultaneously reach many audiences with your video is to caption it with subtitle. This is possible because your video can have audio in one language and the subtitle in other languages thereby helping you to reach more audience in different languages and regions.

6.Improve your Narrative Voice:

You'll most likely want to convey information through your video. Make sure your voice is clear and your language is fluent. Your tone of voice can influence how viewers perceive your video content.

Allow your tone of voice to correspond with the purpose of your content. Is your content filled with exciting information, sadness, advertisements, or neutrality? Let your intonation, pitching and volume flow in accordance with your message.

7. Boost Engagement with Social Media Live Videos:

Use live videos on social media to increase your engagement. Social media users can record live events and host live video shows on some social media platforms, including Facebook and Bigo Live.

Using social media live is an excellent way to increase the number of engaged viewers and followers. Your followers frequently receive alerts by default when you go live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bigo Live, or any other social media network, and they will likely want to see what you are up to. This keeps your material fresh and increases brand recognition.

8. Opt for online advertisements and campaigns:

If you share your content manually and carelessly, search engine and other online algorithms may flag your videos and subsequent posts as spam. And once your content is labelled as spam, your subsequent organic distribution and views will decrease drastically. Therefore, Online campaigns and advertisements are the best way to reach more people when organic methods are ineffective.

You can specifically target those who will be interested in your content while also reaching a large number of other engaging audience. Contact our advertising experts here if you're having trouble running ads yourself.

9. Include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your videos:

If there is no clear statement that informs your audience on what to do next after watching your video, they may be confused about the next action to take.

A Call-to-Action is one of the most significant marketing jargons to consider in every digital marketing campaign. It is also one of the strategic approaches in online content or video sharing for boosting audience engagement and increasing views.

After watching a video, reading a document, or listening to audio information, a call-to-action prompts viewers to take action. There are many phrases and words that are popularly used as CTA. Examples are "Learn more", "Shop now", "Like and Share", "Follow us for more", and a lot of others.

Your choice of words for your call to action depends on your business objective. Just formulate the ones that suit you but ensure it is short and understandable. When people take action on your video, assuming they share it, more people will see it and it continues.

10. Use analytics to Measure the Performance of your Videos:

Considering the statistics provided by analytical tools, you will be able to either adjust your strategy while creating the next video or maintain the current pattern based on the outcome of the performance.

Analytical tools are freely available across different social media and online publishing websites both for measuring video, audio and text content performance.

Almost all the online creative analytical tools have similar features with just a slide difference. They all measure how many people have viewed, liked, shared or even engaged with your content.

11. Select appropriate background music:

The background music you use in your video content is extremely important. It is not required, but it may be required in some videos. Meanwhile, it is better not to add music to your video background than to add music that does not flow with your content; however, as a creator, you must consider every decision you take.

Remember that the content is not for you, but for a diverse audience with varying backgrounds and expectations. Making the music convey similar information is great if you are using the video to advertise your product. However, if you want to convey a message, such as motivation, cool sensational music is the best choice.

12. Turn Your Video to Reels:

Social media reels have become the latest means of reaching a greater audience and having more engagement.

Reels are short form videos that allow users to continuously recreate, edit, share, and remix, while retaining the original ownership.

The more people remix your reels, the more others are likely to share while the link to your original video remains intact. The most popular platforms for engaging reels nowadays are Facebook and Instagram. TikTok videos are predominantly designed as reels and can be another great option to keep your online audience engaged and increase your video views.

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Your audience is the reason you are creating that content. If they are not viewing your videos or interact with it, there is no point being a creator because you will not be able to meet your business objectives. 

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